Mervat Hosny Faragalla

Dr.Mervat Hosny Faragalla
Pediatrics - MBBCh, MSc


Absolutely nothing is more important than your child’s health. When looking for a pediatrician, you want the best. The pediatrician you want your child to see is the one that will treat kids as if they were their own, with kindness and caring.


Meet Dr Mirvat, our very own Pediatrician with over 40 years of experience in the most reknown hospitals such as Latifa Governmental Hospital. Ask her anything from growth and development, to acute injuries and chronic illnesses, including common cold, bronchitis, stomach flu, Diabetes, chickenpox all the way to breastfeeding problems and immunization for infants, children and adolescents. Her major concern is that your kids lead a healthy and happy life.


In Addition to being a Pediatrician, she earned a degree to help mums understand and apply the breastfeeding and lactation phases. From diagnosis to treatment, you and your children will feel safe around her. With her very friendly gaze and diplomas, she can help your children from babies to adolescents, with acute or chronic pediatric problems but what does best is close monitoring of growth and development to make sure your baby gets his vaccines all throughout childhood and into puberty. You can ask her whatever you need to know because being a grandmother herself, she knows that the questions and concerns you might have can be many.

Not only does she treat babies, children and adolescents, but with her IBCLC (Certified Lactation Consultant), she can help you as a mum, all the way through breastfeeding in order to make it go as smooth as possible and as long as possible. At the end of the day, breastfeeding is all about your child’s health, but we know, it can get painful, anxious and frustrating. Don’t hesitate to ask her anything!